Breckenridge Home Check & Home Care Services

Breckenridge, Home Check

Mountain Peaks Home Care provides home check and home watch services and property management for second homeowners, vacation rentals, travelers, snowbirds, homes for sale, and absentee homeowners in Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Keystone, Dillon and Frisco.

Summit County is home to a wide variety of property owners. Many people are away from their Summit County homes due to work, vacations, or because the property is a second home or an investment condo or house. When homeowners aren’t easily available to handle emergencies, attend the overseeing of repairs, or perform basic maintenance repairs, caring for a home can be a challenge. Additionally, many insurance companies require that someone provide home checks on a property at specific times, which can be a burden for absentee homeowners.

Mountain Peaks Home Care home watches will assist you in protecting and maintaining your home and giving you peace of mind while you are away.

What We Do As Your Home Monitor:

No matter if you are away for a few days, weeks or months, it’s never a good idea to leave a home completely unattended while you are gone. We will ensure that your home is secure as long as you are away.

Each home gets a fully customized checklist of services specifically to meet your requirements and property’s needs. We’ve listed just a few items that we check during each home watch. If you need a particular service that you don’t see, please contact us.

As a property management company, we provide many services that you may need for basic home repairs. Remember that Mountain Peaks Home Care’s Home Watch works for you as your agent so you will get peace of mind.  From weekly to monthly checks home check services – we’ll be sure you get a thorough inspection of your home each time we visit.

Property Checklist:

Basic Home Check Service:

• Storm Damage
• Force Entry & Vandalism
• Flooding
• Moisture problems
• Any plumbing failures
• Pest Invasion
• Frozen / broken pipes
• Tripped breakers
• Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner
• Ensure Doors/windows locked
• Function of the refrigerator
• We can act as your emergency contact in your absence

Basic Interior Absentee Home Checks:

• Check that security system is functioning
• Resetting electric appliances/breakers from power outage/surge
• Check smoke alarms/replace batteries
• Blinds are adjusted
• Flush/check all toilets
• Run/check all faucets
• Run kitchen sink disposal
• Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner
• Doors/windows locked
• Function of the refrigerator

Basic Exterior Absentee Home Checks:

• Inspect area for vandalism and forced entry
• Check doors, windows & screens to be sure they are secure
• Clear out unwanted flyers, newspapers, trash etc. from your yard
• Check roof and gutters
• Check outside faucets and handle it for you.
• We can act as you emergency contact in your absence

• If a problem is detected and requires immediate attention, we’ll contact you and handle it for you.

On-Call Services

Mountain Peaks Home Care home checks will act as your local contact for immediate concerns such as alarm, fire/police, neighborhood associations, deliveries etc., to help the make local decisions for you in your absence.