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Mountain Peaks Home Care specializes in second home property management in Breckenridge and Blue River. coordinating services for the care and maintenance of your home.

We serve homeowners who value having more time to spend with family and friends in the mountains and not on household chores. Our clients receive the highest-quality service that gives them more time to enjoy their lifestyle.

Each client with a customized program to deliver the highest quality service for their residence. We act as a trusted resource to insure the proper care and maintenance of your property and are available 24/7 for emergencies, should they arrise. 

Exterior Home Checks

• Visual Inspection of the Exterior – Walls, Roof, Etc.
• Check for Signs of Flooding and Storm Damage.
• Look for Signs of Forced Entry and Vandalism.
• Make Sure Exterior Doors and Windows Secured.
• Confirm Garage Door is Closed.
• Collect UPS and FedEx Packages.
• Collect any Newspapers, Magazines and Flyers.
• Replace Exterior Light Bulbs.
• Check for Exterior Water Leaks.
• Visual Inspection of Property for Weather Damage.
• Check Pools and/or Hot Tubs.
• Confirm Contracted Services.

Breckenridge Home Check

Interior Home Checks

• Visual inspection of the Interior – Walls, Ceilings, Etc.
• Check for Garage/Basement Flooding and Damage.
• Look for Interior Vandalism, Signs of Forced Entry.
• Verify  Utilities are Properly Turned on and Running.
• Run Kitchen Sink, Bath Faucets and Flush Toilets.
• Check Gas and Ensure Pilot Lights On and Working.
• Refrigerator Operating at Optimal Temperature.
• Check AC and/or Heating Systems.
• Confirm Alarm System are Activated.
• Visually Inspect for Home Pests.
• Contact You with Anything Requiring Your Attention.
• Supervise any Contractor Services.
• Confirm AlI Windows and Doors Locked.

Breckenridge Home Checks

About Us

Mountain Peaks Home Care provides Breckenridge and Blue River homeowners with a range of residential property management services. Homeowners will see our dedication to a productive and successful relationship by meeting your home care expectations. We deliver the highest level of professional property management services for homeowners. As a result, you will find we are efficient, timely and meticulous in delivering our home property services. Contact us with any questions you have!

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