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Mountain Peaks Home Care

We are fortunate to call Breckenridge home. Home ownership in Breckenridge can be an awesome way to spend your time creating memories with friends and family in a spectacularly beautiful location.

Home ownership here in Summit County also comes with additional needs and requirements. Our focus is on luxury homes throughout Breckenridge. Mountain Peaks Home Care provides year-round home care services for second-home owners in Breckenridge and Blue River.

Why do second-home owners hire us to care for their property? Our purpose is to help you enjoy your home, vs spending time on maintenance, chores, etc. When you arrive to your second-home, we’ll be sure our management team has your to-do-list handled. From arranging hot tub service to plowing to plumbing to thermostat adjustments to ski delivery, you’ll be ready to play and relax.


Our second home property management services ensures that you come first every time.

With our personal touch and local knowledge, you can be sure that your home are maintained and well-kept without worries. We are proud to offer you a great selection of property management services. 

About Us

Mountain Peaks Home Care provides Breckenridge and Blue River homeowners with a range of residential property management services. Homeowners will see our dedication to a productive and successful relationship by meeting your home care expectations. We deliver the highest level of professional property management services for homeowners. As a result, you will find we are efficient, timely and meticulous in delivering our home property services. Contact us with any questions you have!

Mountain Peaks Home Care


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